New T2A briefing paper for Police and Crime Commissioners

Young adults (18-24) are only 10% of the population but account for a third of all crime, and are also the most likely group to be a victim of crime. This group will be a vital consideration for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) as they set their local policing priorities and commission services to reduce crime and reoffending.


This briefing has been prepared for PCC candidates to explore how they can commission services differently for young adults, and embed a more effective approach to young adult offenders in their local area. It brings together the most recent research and practice to demonstrate what works and how reoffending rates can be reduced while achieving cost benefit.



It can be downloaded by clicking here



The T2A Alliance believes that to achieve their aim of cutting crime and anti-social behaviour, PCCs should:



1. SUPPORT common-sense policing of young adults

Commission services that give police more community based options, and support restorative solutions for young adults.



2. WORK WITH PARTNERS to support diversion where appropriate

Link with health and social care agencies to ensure effective diversion, and to tackle the multiple problems of many prolific young adult offenders.



3. TAKE A LEAD in tackling young adult reoffending locally

Ensure local partners work together to ensure a smooth transition between youth and adult criminal justice services in order to reduce reoffending, and support a distinct local strategy targeting what works for young adults.



4. ENGAGE with young adults Consult young adults as part of duty to engage with victims. Work to improve relationships between young adults and the police.



This paper was produced by Revolving Doors Agency, a member of the T2A Alliance, as part of its First Generation project