About Us

T2A (Transition to Adulthood) is an initiative of the Barrow Cadbury Trust’s criminal justice programme. The Trust is an independent, charitable foundation – which does not receive any government funding – committed to bringing about socially just change.

The Trust’s criminal justice programme develops and promotes evidence of effective policy and practice for young adults and women at all stages of the criminal justice system, and to enable the voices of those with lived experience to be heard.

Why Young Adults?

Young adults in the 18-25 age group make up less than 10% of the general population, but account for more than a third of the probation service’s caseload and a third of those sentenced to prison every year.

The T2A programme

The framework for T2A’s work is the ‘T2A Pathway’, 10 points in the criminal justice system where a distinct approach to young adults can be delivered. The T2A programme makes the case that developmental maturity is a better guide than age when deciding on the best response to offending by young adults. When policy makers, sentencers, and practitioners take into account developmental maturity and the particular needs of this group, research has shown that young adults are more likely to ‘grow out of crime’. Choosing an appropriate intervention at this stage can reduce the time young offenders spend in the criminal justice system.

What progress has been made?

Have a look at this  Timeline of T2A’s work to read about progress to date.

The Alliance

T2A’s strategy and work is steered by a management group consisting of representatives from Clinks, Prison Reform Trust, Together UK, and Criminal Justice Alliance, and a coalition of 16 leading criminal justice, health and youth charities (including the four organisations in the management group), chaired by Joyce Moseley OBE.  The programme is managed by Laurie Hunte.  If you have an inquiry email [email protected].