Work in Progress

The three year Barrow Cadbury Trust strategy, which informs the T2A programme, came to an end in March 2016.  During that period T2A made significant progress in influencing policy and practice at all stages of the T2A Pathway.

T2A’s strategy over the coming year and most likely beyond, will have three strands: continuing to make the case to new and existing audiences for a distinct criminal justice approach for young adults, supporting mainstream service providers and policy makers to implement the T2A evidence base, and newly scrutinising the quality of mainstream implementation of young adult specific criminal justice policies and services.

The focus of this forthcoming period is on the three stages of the Pathway which have so far received less attention, but which are vitally important to the outcomes for young adults – policing, the courts, and probation practice (community sentences and supervision post-custody)  – as well as a focus on the impact and evidence of the six demonstration projects which completed in 2017.

Integrated into all of T2A’s work will be activities related to voice, gender and race.

The icons below will take you to information about the projects T2A is currently working on as well as the six demonstration projects.