Policy & Research

The table below will provide you with information about all the ongoing and current T2A projects except for the Demonstration Projects which have their own page.

Project Name Project Description Lead Organisation Status

Young Review implementation

Implementation phase of Young Review on over-representation of young black and Muslim men in the criminal justice system


Phase 3 to be launched mid-2018 with extended remit to include children and adults up to the age of 30

First Generation Police and Complaints Commissioners (PCCs), Phase Three

To identify best practice among PCCs in relation to young adults and to promote and support their work

Revolving Doors Agency (RDA)

Spotlight launched January 2018, with many positive responses from PCCs

Young adults in the criminal justice system and the impact of bereavement

A research study to examine the impact of bereavement on young people involved in committing crime, and to develop toolkits for practitioners to support young people affected in this way

Keele University

Toolkit being tested and will conclude in June 2018

Care leavers and criminal justice

To promote the needs and develop strategy for care leavers in the justice system in multiple sites across England and Wales.

Care Leavers' Association


Young adults with criminal convictions

This project will examine whether there are solutions to structural barriers to employment for young adults with criminal convictions


Briefing paper planned for mid-2018 to time with Supreme Court judgement.

Evaluation of the T2A Pathway

A four year research study examining the impact of distinct approaches to young adults throughout the criminal justice system

Manchester Metropolitan University

Final draft process evaluation complete and launched Autumn 2017
Reconviction study will be completed in 2018

T2A Young Adult Courts

To develop pilot models for criminal court proceedings for 18-25 year olds in magistrates courts in sites across England and Wales

The Centre for Justice Innovation

Feasibility phase complete
National and local permissions now being sought but remains pending. Model to be published in March 2018.

Best practice in prison with young adult women

A cluster of pilot projects in women's prisons that support women (specifically or including young adults)

Geese Theatre (arts-based interventions)
Women in Prison (support for women and promotion of voice to 2020 campaign)
Disabilities Trust (brain injury link-worker service)

Projects ongoing

T2A Young Adult Advisory Group

A forum of young adults to engage with aspects of criminal justice policy that affect 18-25 year olds

Leaders Unlocked

Phase 2 underway. Two/three prison-based groups planned, as well as expanded YAAG.

Criminal justice and Muslim people

A cluster of projects all focused on how the criminal justice system impacts on Muslim people and communities that are predominantly people of Muslim faith or ethnicity

Muslim Hands (Muslim women and resettlement);
Maslaha (cultural competency of mainstream VCS to support Muslim prisoners);
Arooj (impact on families or Muslim prisoners);

Ongoing, BCT to develop network and activities. Muslim women in prison research launched in February 2018.

Prison education for young adults

Review of education in prisons for young adults

Prisoners Education Trust

Underway - young adult education summit planned in a YOI for 2018

Policing young adults

To examine what good policing of young adults looks like

Police Foundation

Due to complete in March 2018. Feasibility phase in planning stage.

Street enforcement orders and young adults

To examine the use of street enforcement orders (and civil injunctions) on 18-25 year olds

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

Underway - completes mid 2018

Redthread Birmingham

To intervene at A&E trauma centers with young adult victims of knife crime and gun wounds


Delivery phase begins June 2018

LGBT young adults in prison

Research on the experience of LGBT young adults in UK prisons

Dundee University

Research underway and due to complete late 2018

Deaths of women in prison

Review of deaths of women in prison, including feature on young women


Underway. Completes March 2018

T2A Trends Analysis

To analyse the decrease of young adults in prison and serving a community sentence since 2008.

Sheffield University


Sentencing principles for young adults

To develop a set of sentencing principles for the judiciary

Howard league for Penal Reform

Planned to complete in mid-2018.