Work in Progress

The table below will provide you with information about all the ongoing and current T2A projects except for the Demonstration Projects which have their own page.

Project Name Project Description Lead Organisation Status

Young Adults in Custody

To disseminate good practice for young adults in custodial services

Together for Mental Wellbeing

Project finishes mid 2019

Turning 18: Timely Justice

The project will provide reform proposals to assist children who commit offences at 16 or 17 but are charged or sentenced after the age of 18

Just for Kids Law

Project finishes late 2019

Y-Stop - a harm reduction approach to stop and search

To Improve young adult interactions with Police Officers through better communications enabling encounters to be managed confidently

Release Legal and Emergency Drugs Services

Project finishes 2020

New Generation: Leading for resilient young adults

Developing and sharing trauma informed policing practice for young adults

Revolving Doors Agency (RDA)

Project finishes end of 2021

Young adults in the criminal justice system and the impact of bereavement

A research study to examine the impact of bereavement on young offenders, and to develop toolkits for practitioners to support young people affected in this way

Keele University

Toolkit has been drafted and will be published in early 2019,

Care leavers and criminal justice

To promote the needs and develop strategy for care leavers in the justice system in multiple sites across England and Wales.

Care Leavers' Association


Structural barriers to employment for young adults, women and BAME people with criminal records.

This project will analyse and identify solutions to structural barriers to employment for young adults, women and BAME people with criminal records.


Supreme Court judgement expected late 2018/early 2019.

Evaluation of the T2A Pathway

A four year research study examining the impact of distinct approaches to young adults throughout the criminal justice system

Manchester Metropolitan University

Reconviction study will be completed in 2018/2019.

T2A Young Adult Advisory Group

A forum of young adults to engage with aspects of criminal justice policy that affect 18-25 year olds

Leaders Unlocked

Phase 2 underway. Two/three prison-based groups planned, as well as expanded YAAG.

Prison education for young adults

Review of education in prisons for young adults

Prisoners Education Trust


Redthread Birmingham

To intervene at A&E trauma centers with young adult victims of knife crime and gun wounds


Delivery phase begins June 2018

LGBT young adults in prison

Research on the experience of LGBT young adults in UK prisons

Dundee University

Research underway and due to complete early 2019

T2A Trends Analysis

To analyse the decrease of young adults in prison and serving a community sentence since 2008.

Sheffield University


HMYOI Brinsford 'Dealt an Ace?' Project

Evaluation of a project to support the embedding of trauma-informed practices into the regime at HMYOI Brinsford.

PACT (Prison Advice and Care Trust)

Starts 2018/19